My interior design concept is based on the word “BESPOKE.” It is a word rarely used in today's mass-produced culture. Bespoke interior design is inspired by and tailored to the specific wishes and desires of my client. It is an individual approach to interior design that ensures that the design will be unique and reflect the client. It is a personal expression of who and what we are. Bespoke interior design combines different elements, textures, colors and styles to produce the look that best expresses the individual’s style and taste.

Interiors designed by Ray Dortenzo are well known for their elegant and refined sophistication with a special emphasis on comfort and livability. A room must be comfortable both in appearance and use to be fully enjoyed on a daily basis. My interiors are not meant to be props or sets but rather to be an integral part of my client's everyday life; rooms that were meant to be used, enjoyed, loved and savored. In short, rooms designed to turn your house into your home. They are customized to express who you are and to project that vision to your friends, family and quests. - Ray Dortenzo, Interior Designer Pittsburgh